Collaborative Dose Optimization and Monitoring of Side Effects Platform

APPY is a web platform which allows you, together with your doctor, your pharmacist and other health professionals, to optimize dosage and timing, for taking medication used to treat ADHD, considering your period of activity and rest. APPY offers unique and targeted features.


Dose calculator for ADHD – Personalized Medicine

This feature is very useful for doctors who prescribe medication for ADHD treatment and pharmacists who monitor it, by calculating and displaying pharmacokinetic profiles of various medication combinations.

Through the dose calculator, APPY makes available to doctors and pharmacists, a tool offering a level of unprecedented precision to target the ideal dosage, depending on the personal characteristics and needs of each individual.

Supporting personalized medicine in the prescription of stimulants, the dose calculator can have a major impact on the lives of people with ADHD.


Medical Questionnaires to Maximize Follow-Ups

Several clinically validated questionnaires used to help the healthcare professionals assess and monitor the patient are also included on the platform. Doing so, APPY contributes effectively to precise and periodic monitoring of the manifestation of symptoms in everyday life, while allowing to identify the intensity of the symptoms and the degree of impact of side effects related to medication.


The APPY platform was developed by AppMed, a company that develops software in partnership with university researchers and clinicians at the forefront of their fields of expertise. AppMed specializes in the development of medical applications intended for dosage optimization and behavioral monitoring of complex and delicate medical conditions such as ADHD and autism.


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